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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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and show you a snippet of what the schuylkill looks like along the conshohocken curve. disabled vehicle been there past 45 minute or so in right-hand shoulder. otherwise in new jersey from the tanker fire yesterday we had road closures around the area. i'll tell you how to get around that in a few minutes. >> back to breaking news now an amber alert is extended to three states rights now as police search for the toldler this morning from delaware. she could be in danger. >> eyewitness news reporter jan joins us now in headquarters in newcastle for the latest. jan what have you done, good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning amber alert spread to three states think the morning delaware new jersey, even ohio and police are calling suspect armed and dangerous. they believe he went to exgirlfriend's house last night beat her up and took their 3-year-old little girl. they believe the little girl is in imnents danger this morning. look at their pictures. last night before 7:00 police say 43-year-old michael trotta
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went to exgirlfriend no school side apartments east basin road. trotta assaulted her and fled with their 3-year-old little girl elinor trotta. they thought the man fled in a gray mazda but that car was found in the parking lot. trotta could be traveling with unknown woman in gray ford husband tank or older model red ford explorer. trotta is 5' 8", 160 pounds. wearing black clothes and daughter eleanor was last seen wearing purple puffy coat, pink pants and frozen, the movie sneakers. >> the suspect could be traveling on new jersey on their way to income city. nip weapon information should call 911. >> we'll back get ba to you thank you so much. >> it's still causing detours this morning. tanker carrying 89,000 -- 8,000 call gones of fuel returns to
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130 after 11:00 yesterday morning. people could see smoke for miles. authorities evacuated 30 home near the scene and since let them return. >> when i looked out the window only thing i saw was tires way up in the air on fire. and they were coming to my yard. >> the driver and firefighter suffered minor injuries. firefighters extinguished the flames in about half an hour. >> coming up on 5:33 wants to get traffic and weather together. oh, temperatures katie. >> once again yes, i mean oui we've set it already. it feels like it's such a brother record on this. anybody getting used to this at this point. >> no. >> i know the anchors are not. >> can i@say i'm not get using to it either but we're talking about the same thing every day. temperatures 5 below average. where does that put us open the thermometer and we'll show you.
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first and for most check in with storm cast 3. we have an wind chill advisory posted 10:00 this morning for monroe and carbon county and in the poconos if that's where travels take you for temperatures below zero and windchill values bottoming out this morning to 15 or low as 20 below zero. that's the kind of cold that clearly can be dangerous if you're in and out it long without adequate preparation. here's how it feels now. in fact we could lower the wind chill advisory range there. 2 7 below zero how it's feeling mount pocono feeling like goose egg in reading philly, 6 in ac. lighter wind the further south you go which is at least helpful. but even as the day progressing and there is not much wind leftover and sunshine it will not help warm you up at all. 24 at beast today. normal high 46. still stuck here in these well below average temperatures. and get this, it's actually
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reinforced again come later on this week. so i don't see any kind of major warm glup sight. don't kill me guys. >> i was excited when i saw ten degrees on my car thermometer. double digits. >> i was like all right. >> sad to say. >> speaking of not sad we'll go outside. for once i have more better news to talk about because everybody is sick of of the cold. we'll goal inside and start out on the schuylkill. you can see a disabled vehicle not really setting up for anything so far. take a part of right happened shoulder. eastbound lanes on conshohocken curve. moving by noosely open the westbound lanes adds well. new jersey everything moving fine. startinging to build and moving along long fine. if you head into philadelphia or towards 295 everything is fine there so far as well. otherwise out in new jersey we want you to use dmawtion pensauken route 90 eastbound 130
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on and off ramps closed duety tanker fire that happened yesterday afternoon. find union avenue for the time being. back to you. >> thanks so much. rick scott continues job recruiting in philadelphia today trying to bring businesses to your state. we visited a center city wawa. it plans to open more this year. >> i've begun governor of florida for years and is you love people that bring jobs to florida. wawa will bring a lot of jobs to flour day. >> wawa plans to add 5 stores in florida for the next two years each year. >> time 5:35 business news this morning where an why to get a free donut today. >> what's not to like about that. >> and what wall street is keeping their ion today. joe wagner join us notice new york stock exchange and the donut situation.
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good morning jill. >> good morning ukee and erika. up investigators are watching on capitol hill today and will look for cues when the fed might raids interesting rates or record low levels. yes yesterday the do you packed off and that's zach up 5. >> mobile payment war between apple pay and google wallet heating up. google at&t and verizon wireless will preload the app on the phones sold by carrier this year. smart owners have to download the service and install themself. apple pay comes up bedded in apple mobile sovts ware. >> target is cutting on-line purchase price needed for free shipping from 50 to 25. this takes aim as competitors walmart and amazon. both higher minimum for standard purchases. >> if you have a sweet tooth
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head to krispy kreme and hurry. they're give ago way one glazed donut for first 1,000 customers in all participating locations. 1,000 shop by the way is located in kansas city. uric he, erika. >> i heard free donut that's what i took away. >> they look good. >> when they come out of the machine it was -- >> our time 5:37. white house says there's no credible fleet the mall of america in minneapolis. it calls for atarkz open shopping malls like that one on minnesota. the mall has been conducting lockdown drills as precaution arie measure. king of prussia told us they're following guide lipsz from international counsel ul of shopping members. the safety and safety of shop
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are center malala yousafzai ease are industry's number one priority. new this morning. high times you may say in alaska. midnight alaska became the third state to the legal lies recreational use of marijuana. voters approve the change in last november election letting you smoke or grow pot there. it's still illegal to smoke marijuana in public. >> as we move on this morning we're continuing to follow breaking news and amber alert from missing girl in delelaware. where they were seen last. >> an a delicate effort to save more that a dozen manatees. >> and we'll check traffic and weather tingt weather and traffic open the threes. >> and a routine medical visit left this construction worker unable to lift his arm. >> i'm going through
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excruciating pain, non-stop pounding aching pain. >> something millions of us do that's supposed to be healthy but can be dangerous. >> this affected every single aspect of my life. >> it happened to this montgomery county whom had to have surgery. >> i didn't know that would happen like i was totally stunned. >> i'm health reporter stephanie stall with more on the risk that most people don't know about. don't miss my health watch in here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at
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>> 3-year-old elinor stroot is in daipinger after her father took her from her newcastle county home. he could be driving older model red explorer and confirmed sighting in mount laurel burlington county. if you see elinor call 911 right away. >> ramp between route 90 and route 130 pensauken could be reopened later today. a huge fire broke out after a tachtioner overturned yesterday morning. driver and fights fighter suffered minor injuries. >> you just won't believe this video. a speeding truck flies off the road in boston. highway cameras captured the dramatic -- right there see the
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pickup hit a safety area and he goes airborne and lands on road below it truck barely missed another car driving by. the driver sure vivrd and police are charging him with drunk driving. >> and driver of this truck jumped to safety after 18-wheeler dangled off overpass highway overpass in dallas. you can see that dangling there. driver managed to safely jump out of the cab on to the bed of the creek underneath. now you can see it hanging off and he climbed back up we're told. crews are working this morning to lift the truck offer the road. yikes. >> all right now coming up on 5:43 checkinging in with katie and weather watchers. >> i'm good, erika, weather watchers are up and reporting cold this morning. you see open the view of this we generally have lower single digits and couple negatives and i'll zero in on one and we'll show you a list here. 8 be lee zero under crystal clear sky. up in the lehigh valley we
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already have a new record. allentown specifically. and their comment it's so cold the dog is demanding indoor bathroom. poor little pooch. everybody has to layer up she says or they say and it's great advice. here's a list i promise you coldest going to rick and roberta. well below zero in sailorsburg you from keith and below in khardz worth and perkasie john sent in one below zero. even if in positive territory you're well below freezing throughout the region. the list goes on where you have that happening. at least we get sunshine today. that much we can bank on. that's something we have going for us right. high pressure. nice us large arctic dome in place right now. that said there's already a newarktic front beginning to show signs of life eventually that will roll on in. it looks like bulk of precip will bypass us north. while we could see snow shower north of philadelphia it doesn't
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look like a major system expected to hit us. namely as we look forward on forecast to thursday a new storm develops yet again off to the south it looks like that one stays off south. that, too is also going to sort of help keep us in arctic chill. at least we don't have to deal with big storm right. that's a bright side to this notice three of the next four days are stuck in 20s and still stuck generally speaking 25 below average. so it eases up a little bit. not for a couple of days. jess over to you. >> thank you katie. 5:44 we start things off on vine. we're doing good volume wise. 24 street we see everything moving fine. westbound towards schuylkill no problems headed eastbound to a5 and speaking of 95 cottman moving fine there as well. typically we'll tend to see in the next couple minutes southbound lanes towards center city area start to stack up we're doing fine.
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pensauken new jersey due to tanker fire that happened yesterday afternoon. route 90 eastbound 130 on and off ramp closed. diverted to union avenue for time being to gets around cleanup for the time being out in south philadelphia we have a water main break on schuylkill eastbound. on ramp blocked penrose avenue. take broad or packer. be careful with extra water around the area. it might i freeze and you may have dangerous driving conditions. building fire front and due fun. you want to say second or third to get by. don't for get on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with new cbs philly traffic app. down load the app now on i tunes or google play. >> we're developing now unusual rescue mission in florida to save lives. more than a dozen manatees became lodged in a drainage pipe. how rescueers carefully pulled
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mammals out one by one. >> crews lifted final manatee to safety before 2:00 in the morning marking ends to a dedicated and delicate rescue effort. >> it's crazy i've never seen anything like this in satellite before. >> neighbors gathered monday evening to watch the rescue. it started after marine biologist discovered manatees in dane range pipe. they saw them earlier in the day. >> i saw them go back through out and later another five or ten go out. i thought they were coming in and going out i didn't think anything of it until this. >> the manatees were trying to reach warmer water when they got stuck. they're known to kong ghait beach side canals and cold weather. one by one crews moved heavy earth moving equipment to pull 19 out of the pipe. >> some had minor scavrps but were healthy onlookers cheered
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as they got the manatees into a nearby popped. >> it was awesome. you know, the whole community came out and all the various agencies working together and that was awesome. >> sdprerts sea world whepd rescue. done champion for cbs3 eyewitness news us. >> well this snrawpt west virginia is struggling to stay afloat literally. schooners is slowly sinking into the ohio river. now the restaurant sits on barge and owner said it started taking on water early yesterday morning. crews used capelees to help keep the truck structure in place. they hope to bring in pumper trucks. >> marie holmes calmly walked in and cracked a smile as she collected her fair share of the powerball jackpot. she is single mother of four. but the 26-year-old says she
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♪aw it's more than just sweater weather now. you need a few sweaters. a few spots hit record low this morning. katie will be here about the forecast in a minute with traffic and weather together on the threes but you want to bundle up. >> on the health watch this morning two more people died from the flu in the state of delaware. thal brings total number of flu deaths to 23 in first date. all patients had underlying medical conditions we're told n pennsylvania 169 people died. new jersey does not track adult flu deaths. and officials princeton university are confirming suspected case of measles. undergraduate student had since recovered and is no longer infectious. no other cases were identified. officials also say there is no connection between university and measles out breaks in other parts of the country.
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and remember the song don't worry be happy there may be something to it. anger can increase risk of heart attack according to australian researchers say the risk is eight times greater during two hours after a person gets really angry. arguments with family or co-workers were biggest trickers associated with attack. >> thank you for that. >> you're welcome. >> you know this is just the way mother nature want to set up a pattern this month. we ended up with quiet december. and now i feel like we're making up for lost time. at least we don't have to track major storms here as we wrap up officially month of february. this will be one for the record books. right now in the top five for cold elingt month of february ever recorded. and in philadelphia, part of these problems the arctic fronts keep coming through and this
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morning it's still feeling cold. so you have to expect any time that very modest freeze will feel that much colder and we can expect sunshine. they're back in the dep freeze again later this week. >> i'm not bad as you katie. >> thank you. >> 5:3 we'll go out check out. now, over open the bep franklin bridge everything looking up here. headed eb to the city all lanes open in new jersey as well. speaking of new jersey an accident on jrdz accident on jrdzy park. >> i'm breaking right now. flames reinterrupting from
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they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle.
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>> and still to come in the next hour of eyewitness news we're following breaks news an amber alert is issued for a 3-year-old girl. she was taken by her father in a domestic dispute. live with the latest information. >> and also morning show workout challenge i love the bar
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workout. i want to think if ukee and katie would love it too. lift tone, burn, we'll see how we all do. that's coming up. >> how about more burn. >> and up ukee when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums.
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>> updating breaking news right now. raging fire is burning out of a building in west kensington. chopper 3 right here live over the 2300 block of front street under the l. it's now a two-alarm fire. fight fighters are having hydrant problems and having trouble getting water to the building. as you might imagine this is affecting l service. that fire is at york dousing station. they're running buses between huntington and berks along the
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line. >> nor breaking news we got update on amber alert. fbi has now joined police in three states and their search for delaware toddler taken by her father after a domestic dispute. >> eyewitness reporter joins us at newcastle with the latest on that search. jan, good morning. >> erika ukee, good morning, this suspect should be considered armed and daenk russ. he went to his exgirlfriend's house, beat her up and took off with their little girl. they believe she's in imminent daiching they are morning and they need help locating bop of them. take a look at this picture. this are amber alerts in delaware, new jersey, ohio they all listed them in this case and as you mptioned erika is assisting as well. last night before 7:00, 43-year-old michael trotta wept to his exgirlfriend's home in school side apartments


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